Creating an environment for unconditional support and understanding is crucial in that dynamic physician-patient relationship. My goal is to facilitate an environment where patients can be heard and understood.

Initial Visit

This is an extensive and comprehensive visit lasting approximately 60-90 minutes. This visit initiates the therapeutic relationship and allows us to explore your health concerns. A complete health history and physical exams are done and any pertinent lab tests are ordered. By the end of the visit we will have developed a plan of action to address your concerns.

Follow up Visit

This is a return visit lasting approximately 30 minutes. This visit allows a review of any lab values that had been run and evaluates the initial part of the plan to guide us to the next level.


It’s advisable that you call your carrier prior to your first visit to learn if they cover Naturopathic Doctors as providers, out of network labs, and labs/imaging ordered by a Naturopathic Doctor. You will be given a coded insurance superbill at time of service to self submit to your insurance provider.