Aqua Ball Cises

Aqua Ball Cises

The History of Aqua Ball Cises

Aqua Ball Cises or “ABC” conception began in May, 2005. The creation of ABC developed from a sciatica flare-up which Dr. Howell experienced that summer. In a swimming pool he discovered exercises that helped alleviate his pain from sciatica, and helped rehabilitate his chronic low back problems. Since then he has developed a unique system of exercises to benefit those suffering from musculoskeletal pain and inflammatory joint conditions. The exercises also provide a well balanced fitness program.

This unique system of exercises is performed in 3 to 5 feet of water using equipment created and designed by Dr. Howell. Also, by using the special buoyancy properties of water, this effective and safe system allows you to reduce stress on joints, and yet at the same time provide a system for aerobic training, flexibility, coordination, balance, relaxation, core muscular strength and endurance training.

ABC provides a safe, effective and FUN option for all ages and all abilities. So jump in and begin enjoying the benefits of this exciting and new fitness option that is making a splash.

What equipment will I need?

Participants will be provided with equipment. Water shoes are recommended to make it more comfortable on your feet. Skin lotions are recommended for your skin after you are finished in the pool. Also, some participants use ear plugs and goggles.

How much does it cost?

Classes are 45 minutes long, and are $15 per person per class. Also available, are 45 minute individual classes for specific conditions, for $85 by appointment.

ABC Level 1 Class

    • Saddle up
    • Western saddle
    • Side saddle
    • Water rodeo
    • Rock climbing
    • Still kick’n
    • Giddy up

Water exercises are a proven way to increase your metabolism, build muscle tone and strength, improving balance, coordination and range of motion, and relieve tension — all with pain-free, low impact movements

Top Ten Reasons Too Try Aqua Ball Cises

10. ABC is easy as 1,2,3
9. Your kids will think your “Cool” to be first to know about ABC
8. Provides excellent cross training
7. Reduce fatigue and pain
6. Easier on your joints
5. Increased muscle tone and strength
4. Increased coordination
3. Improve circulation
2. Burn calories and lose weight

AND . . .




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