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See What Patients Are Saying

Dr. Howell not only is an experienced, educated, licensed Naturopathic Physician but is also dedicated to the happiness and health of his patients. Below are testimonials of real patients who overcame serious diseases thanks to the care and dedication that Dr. Howell provided them.

“Dr. Howell has worked wonders for my daughter’s eczema. The SLIT program has helped her skin to clear up from cracked and bleeding skin, to normal skin that every kid deserves.”

    ES – six year old female with a six year eczema history

“I have been seeing Dr. Howell for the past four months. He has discovered and treated multiple hormone imbalances that have affected my health and energy levels. I appreciate having a physician that focuses on whole body wellness rather than just treating symptoms as they become intolerable.”

    CS – 34 year old with Hashimoto disease

“Dr. Howell is truly the most kind, thorough, thoughtful, and professional doctor I have been to in a very long time. His dedication and concern about his patients health and wellbeing is unsurpassed. Finally I have found a doctor that truly cares about my health and is determined to help me get well.”

    SM – 58 year old with Hashimoto disease